Nancy Pena
Assistant to the Director of Special Projects
28751 Cole Grade Road
Valley Center, CA 92082
(760) 749-0464

State and Federal Programs

Maysa Bitar

Dr. Maysa Bitar
Director of Special Projects
28751 Cole Grade Road
Valley Center, CA 92082

The Office of Special Projects coordinates the district's work with school sites and community partners in order to ensure alignment to the district's strategic plan, and state and federal program requirements. The department provides training, support and monitoring for a variety of state and federal programs, including Title I, Title III, Title VI, Supplemental Educational Services, as well as other provisions of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Act of 2015. Special Projects assists with parent involvement and education, school-wide planning and evaluation, and staff training.

The Special Projects department supports the successful implementation of Federal and State Programs with the purpose of increasing, enhancing, and improving student performance at VCPUSD.

Successful implementation of funds includes:

  • Ensuring that all children receive a high-quality education and closing the achievement gap between children meeting the challenging high academic standards and those not meeting such standards

  • Monitoring students' progress in meeting the challenging state standards

  • Developing and implementing a well-rounded program of instruction to meet the academic needs of all students

  • Identifying students who may be at risk for academic failure

  • Providing additional educational assistance to individual students that need help

  • Identifying and implementing instructional and other strategies intended to strengthen academic programs and improve schools conditions for student learning.

  • Support for academically struggling students