VEBA Benefit Plans for 2023 - Our district offers a number of different medical options.  To help select the best plan for you and your family, please click on the VEBA link to review the benefit information. To view the Benefits VEBA Presentation, please click on the following link: VEBA Presentation

Fringe Benefit Selection Sheet - For new enrollments, please complete a selection sheet and e-mail it to Cristina Jimenez, Human Resources. For changes, in addition to completing a new selection sheet, please log into ARES.

Classified Fringe Benefits Selection Sheet

Certificated Fringe Benefits Selection Sheet

Management and Non-Represented Groups Fringe Benefits Selection Sheet

ARES Online - If you are making changes to your benefit selection, or to review your benefits, please log on to the ARES Portal. My VEBA portal navigation instructions on how VEBA Members access the 2023 Open Enrollment information and materials is available here.

Medical Coverage Waiver Form To Opt Out of our District Medical coverage, the following waiver and proof of current medical insurance must be submitted to the Human Resources Office during open enrollment. 

American Fidelity Assurance Company - All employees are required to complete the American Fidelity Interest form and notify Human Resources if they would like to meet with an American Fidelity representative. This Form is located in TalentEd.   In addition to notifying Human Resources, American Fidelity has provided the following link for you to make a appointment to meet with an AF Benefit Consultant. Click HERE to schedule your virtual appointment.

Free Flu Shots - VEBA Members can receive free shots.  Click HERE to schedule your virtual appointment.

Health Plan Incentive Program Eligible employees may submit verification that their cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, and body mass index are within the medically designated healthy range, and receive a $100 annual reduction in their out-of-pocket costs in 2023. Complete this form and submit to the Human Resources Office. 

Preventive Services Covered at No Cost

We want to remind employees that Health Care Reform requires that certain preventive services are covered at no cost. Unfortunately, some doctor’s offices continue to charge a co-pay or coinsurance amount. It’s up to us to be good health care consumers and remind the doctor’s office that they do not have to pay for:

  • Annual Wellness Checkups

  • Adult Preventive Services: STI screening, Immunization Vaccines, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol screenings, Colorectal cancer screenings and more!

  • Women’s Preventive Care Services: Well Woman Visits, STI screenings, Cervical

  • Cancer Screenings, Breast Cancer Mammography screenings

  • Well pregnancy visits after the first visit

  • Well baby visits plus immunizations up to age 2

 Preventive services are the first step in maintaining great health!

Additional VEBA Resources

Saveonsp for Specialty Medications - Specializes in obtaining manufacturer copay assistance on all specialty drugs.

Rx Pets - Introducing a new way to save on medication for your animals.

Retiree, Out-of-Area & Medicare PlansVEBA offers plans for retirees and students living outside the HMO service area.

Innovative Pilot Programs - Chronic Illness Support. This is a program focus on highest need members to help manage their chronic condition: PPO Pilot - Chronic Illness Support

Healthy Reboot at the VEBA Resource Center - VEBA’s mission is to empower our members to become advocates for their well-being. Through our vast array of programs, we provide personalized care so your employees have the resources they need for their unique health care journey. VEBA Well-being Services Overview Flyer  & Healthy Reboot Information

For additional information on any of this program, please contact Human Resources at 760-749-8555 or