CA School Dashboard

The 2022 California School Dashboard is a key component of the state’s school accountability system which provides an assessment of student performance in relation to five state performance measures: Academics (English Language Arts and Mathematics), English Learner Progress, Suspension, Chronic Absenteeism, and Graduation Rate.  The dashboard also includes information around five self-reported local indicators determined by the use of self reflection tools and climate surveys from the school year. 

VCPUSD Dashboard Overview

VCPUSD’s performance is low in many areas and we are committed to continuously assessing our programs and systems to enhance educational outcomes for all students.  The progress of our English Learners and our graduation rate is high and exceeds the comparable state data.  All other areas are of concern with very low performance on state assessments, a high suspension rate, and a large percentage of our students considered chronically absent coming out of the pandemic.

The results on the dashboard represent aspects of the district’s performance and provide valuable information about how the pandemic affected student learning, student engagement, and differences in outcomes for student groups.  The information is used in conjunction with local data on student performance and progress, such as progress reports, student work, and teacher feedback. The learning experience of students in our district along with state and local data provides educators with a more detailed picture of strengths as well as areas of opportunity and needed growth.

The 2022 Dashboard is a re-start of California’s accountability system and the performance of our district and school sites establishes a new starting point against which future improvements can be measured.  VCPUSD is taking specific actions to address all areas of concern with focus on strengthening Professional Learning Communities (PLC) with our staff, providing support and additional intervention services to students and families, and developing strong relationships with all of our educational partners.  These efforts will continue our progress towards our goal of ensuring all students receive high quality instruction leading to academic achievement and physical fitness, successfully preparing them for college and career readiness.

The video below ( presents how the CA School Dashboard is being used around the state.

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