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Valley Center-Pauma Unified School District welcomes and encourages parents and community members to be involved with their schools.  Your participation is invaluable to the children of our district!   Volunteers enhance instructional and extra-curricular programs and motivate students.  This web page will provide you with the information you need on how to volunteer with Valley Center-Pauma Unified School District. 

The goals of Valley Center-Pauma Unified School District are twofold:

  1. To encourage and assist volunteers in their efforts to support student learning

  2. Ensure the safety of students at all times.

There are different types of volunteers based on the level of service you wish to do. Below are the descriptions of the different types of volunteers for our District. Once you have identified the level of service you wish to participate in, please complete an application packet, along with any required documents and submit to the appropriate school site. To allow sufficient processing of your application, please submit your application at least three weeks prior to the event you are volunteering for. 

Level I and Level II Volunteers will receive a District Volunteer ID Badge that must be worn while on campus.

Types of Volunteers:

    Parents or other visitors or guests who enter the school for a one-time event. These persons have no unsupervised exposure or contact with children.Examples include guest readers, guest speakers, one-time volunteers for school or classroom events. Parents who attend school to participate in a parent involvement activity with their child(ren) are also considered visitors or guests.

    Volunteer application
    Volunteers on a field trip where the whole class stays together as one group under the direct supervision of a staff member. (Note:  Volunteers on a field trip where the class is split into smaller groups, overnight field trips and/or driving for a field trip requires Level II Clearance. Level II requires LiveScan/Fingerprinting Clearance.) 

    Volunteer application
    Non-Student Contact Regular Volunteer: Volunteers who assist with preparing classroom materials away from students and in a location such as the office or work room.

    Limited Student Contact: Volunteers who serve under the direct and constant of supervision of a teacher or VCPUSD staff member. Typical examples include reading to the whole class, working with students at a learning center alongside the teacher, classroom assistance, after-school programs, and athletic practices and events.

    Volunteer application
    Student Contact: Volunteers who are primarily supervised by a teacher or VCPUSD staff member, but may have brief periods working alone with students or out of the direct sightline of staff. Examples include working at a table with a small group of students (out of direct sightline of staff), parent volunteer on a field trip where the class is split into smaller groups, overnight field trips, driving for a field trip, escorting small groups of students from the classroom to other locations on campus, mentoring activities and Student Teachers. Level II volunteers require LiveScan/Fingerprinting Clearance. 

  • LEVEL II -  Music Programs: (PDF)
    Volunteer application

  • VCPUSD Volunteer Renewal Form: Google Form Link

TB Testing and/or Risk Assessment:
California law requires that school staff and volunteers working with children be free of infectious tuberculosis (TB). Level I and Level II volunteers can obtain a TB Risk Assessment from a medical professional. Once the assessment has been completed, the volunteer should bring the signed form to the school office. This assessment needs to be completed once every four years. Any fees associated with the TB Risk Assessment are the volunteer's responsibility. 

LiveScan/Fingerprinting Estimated Costs:
In some instances, fingerprint clearance may be required before a volunteer may begin. Note that Fingerprinting is required only once and does not expire.  If fingerprinting is required, volunteers must first submit the Volunteer Application form to the school site. Volunteers will receive a live scan form from the school site, in which they will take the form to a live scan fingerprinting facility. At the live scan facility, a volunteer will pay for the DOJ and FBI level of service, along with a rolling fee (a fee for having your live scan/fingerprints completed at the location/facility). DOJ’s fee is $32, FBI’s fee is $17, and locations rolling fee vary. These fees will be payable to the Live Scan Center chosen by the volunteer applicant. FEES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. 

Parents must first apply to volunteer at the school site where their child attends. School sites then submit each completed and approved volunteer application to the appropriate District Office Human Resources personnel. Once the approved application is received, someone from the District Office will contact the parent regarding clearance to volunteer.   The volunteer will need to go to the District office to obtain a District issued badge. 

If you will be driving any student other than your own to or from an event, you must be approved as a field-trip driver. Along with the form, you will need to submit a copy of your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance.  Please see School Site Secretary.  This must be completed annually.

A completed Application, Service Agreement and Code of Conduct is required annually for all volunteer types.  TB Clearance is valid for 4 years.  Level II LiveScan/Fingerprint clearance does not expire.